It’s time to take action on climate change by switching electricity providers.

By switching to greener electricity providers, together we can force dirty coal and gas out of the grid and bring more renewable electricity in, sending a clear message to electricity companies that it’s time to get serious about tackling climate change. 

Watch the videos to see why switching is so important, then check out our rankings to find out which electricity providers are credible on the environment and which ones are holding Australia back from achieving a 100% renewable electricity grid.

Join the renewable energy revolution and make the switch today.


Australians have pledged to switch to a greener energy provider.

Will you join them? 

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Why is switching to a greener electricity provider so important?

Switching electricity providers is one of the quickest and easiest ways you can make a BIG impact. By switching to a greener electricity provider you’re helping to transform Australia’s electricity system, forcing dirty polluting coal out, and bringing more renewable energy in.